The First Auditable Web3 Zero-Knowledge Connectivity and Privacy Base Layer


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Universal Web3 Protocol & SDK

Not Privacy Coin, Not Coin Mixer, But the Ultimate Web3 Connectivity and Privacy Infra via PaaS (Privacy as an SDK)

For blockchains

For blockchains

Transaction privacy layer on any L1 and L2 blockchains.

For bridges

For bridges

Cross-chain transaction privacy layer on any bridge.

For wallets

For wallets

Private asset management and private transactions features plug-in to any wallet.

For Dapps

For Dapps

Financial privacy layer on any Dapp, building private on-chain payment Dapps, private DEX, etc.

Use Cases

Revolutionize Many and Create More Applications

Cross Chain Privacy Bridge

Users deposit assets on one chain and withdraw from another chain privately, without exposing transactions details to anyone.

Mystiko Protocol can be implemented to any cross chain bridge.


Confidential on-chain payments without exposing users' payment histories to anyone.

All incoming payment histories are private, especially useful for companies and merchants to prevent exposing sensitive business turnover details on chain.

Secret Vault

Users could transfer assets to a brand new secret and ultra-safe address with full privacy.

Any wallet could provide its users such features by implementing Mystiko Wallet SDK.

Private DEX

Users could trade on private DEX just like on Uniswap while users' financial privacy is protected.

Existing DEX could add such features to their users by implementing Mystiko Protocol.

Core Features

Aggregated, Affordable, One-Click User Experiences

ZK of ZK

EVM compatible zk-rollup + zksnarks on transactions. Such zk of zk design guarantees both scalability and privacy.

Highly Compatible

Mystiko SDK is compatible and can be integrated easily to any L1, L2 blockchains, any cross chain bridges, any wallets, any dapps, anywhere that needs financial privacy.

Highly Affordable

Mystiko.Network costs 50-90% lower on transaction gas fees than all major existing private transaction solutions.

Mystiko.Network vs Other Privacy Networks

Mystiko.NetworkZCash/Monero/ Origo.NetworkAztecTornado CashZK Link
Layer1 Private Transaction
Use Case

Cross chain & single chain scaling + Cross chain & single chain coin mix

Private TransactionSingle chain scaling + single chain coin mixSingle chain coin mixCross chain scaling

Base layer of web3

Layer 1Layer 2 of EthereumMiddleware of EthereumMiddleware of multiple chains
Supporting Chain

Ethereum, BSC, Polkadot, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Near, Terra

ZCash chain/Monero chain/Origo chainEthereum OnlyEthereum OnlyMultiple chains
Core Underlying Technology

Zero knowledge proof – zkSnarks

Zero knowledge proof/ring signatureZero knowledge proof – zkPlonk (easier trusted setup but larger proof size)Zero knowledge proof – zkSnarkZero knowledge proof – zkSnark
Technical Guarantees

Scalability and privacy

PrivacyScalability and privacyPrivacyScalability

Private dApp Ecosystem of Mystiko.Network

Build with Mystiko to enable privacy for all and accelerate crypto adoption in Web3





Reach out to ’info(AT)mystiko.network’ for integration details

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